8-11 November 2021

Mr. Roberto Dini, founder of Metroconsult, will attend the Patent Masters™ Virtual Symposium on Standard Essential Patents organized by IPWatchDog on November 8-11.

Standard Essential Patents represent pioneering innovation that the entire industry will build upon. This Patent Masters™ Virtual Symposium will explore SEPs by looking at the policies of Standard Setting Organizations, government activity, litigation, industry licensing practices, FRAND, the global landscape and more.

In particular, Mr. Dini will attend the panel on “State of the SEP Ecosystem: Innovators vs. Implementers”.

Innovators constantly invest huge resources in R&D activities to create new technologies that are ultimately adopted as standards and implemented in new products. Not surprisingly, innovators want their effort to be rewarded. Equally, implementers want to safe money, paying less than expected by innovators. The panel will discuss the current state of the SEP ecosystem and how implementers and innovators should co-exist and get along without litigation.

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