The extension of a patent abroad ensures the protection of your invention beyond national borders.

In fact, patent law is territorially limited. An Italian patent will, therefore, protect the invention only in Italy. To protect your invention outside the national border, it is necessary to file corresponding patent applications in all foreign States of interest for you such as:

  • countries in which you operate;
  • countries in which your competitors operate;
  • countries where the invention is used both for production and for sale;
  • countries with a high risk of counterfeiting;
  • countries where there are opportunities to leverage the value of the patent (eg licensing).

To manage the prosecution process in different countries, it is advisable to rely on an IP Consultant registered before Patent and Trademark Offices, who through a trusted network of international partners are able to extend your patent all around the world.

If you need to extend a patent abroad, please contact us at: One of our IP consultants, registered before the Italian and European Patent and Trademark Office will contact you as soon as possible to identify the best strategy to protect your invention abroad.