The claims define the technical characteristics of the invention for which patent protection is sought; they define the limits of the protection, be it a method, an apparatus or a system, and are the elements that are normally used to determine possible patent infringement.

The claims are of interest for:
• the owner of the patent, who aspires to include in its exclusivity everything that in some way can be obtained from his patent application;
• third parties, who need to understand the boundaries of others’ patents, in order not to be accused of patent infringement.

Once the patent is granted, the claims cannot be changed. They must, therefore, not only protect the invention according to the current state of the art but also foresee any future developments, since during the life of the patent (20 years) competitors will try to design around it using new technologies and know-how.

For this reason, it is essential, when drafting a patent application, to contact a qualified IP Consultant who knows how to protect the invention by formulating the right claims.

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