November 22, 2016

Auditorum Sanpaolo
Sala Don Giacomo Alberione
Via Giotto 36, Milano

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Metroconsult in co-operation with the Russian IP firm Gorodissky organizes a conference focusing on “Intellectual Property in Fashion” (IP in Fashion).

Supported by the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the event aims at comparing the Italian/EU and Russian IP systems in the fashion industry. It will focus also on online counterfeiting, customs control & parallel imports and on an overview of the peculiarities of the different license agreements. The conference will end with an international roundtable on fashion brand and design protection in France, Spain and Germany.

Moderator: Francesco Cerisano, legal reporter, Class Editori


h. 9.00Registration
h. 9.30Welcome and opening remarks
Gian Antonio Pancot, Metroconsult
Evgeny Alexandrov. Gorodissky & Partners
Leonora Barbiani, Camera di Commercio Italo-Russa
h. 9.45New scenarios in the Russian Fashion Market after the political crisis, the entry into the WTO and the new non-tariff barriers
Luisella Lovecchio, IC&Partners

  • Are the consumer behaviors different or has the distribution network changed?
  • How to plan a wise approach to the market
h. 10.15How to protect IP in fashion – Trademark protection
Carmela Rotundo Zocco, Metroconsult
Vladimir Trey, Gorodissky & Partners
h. 11.00Coffee break
h. 11.30How to protect IP in fashion – Design protection
Matteo Baroni, Metroconsult
Vyacheslav Rybchak, Gorodissky & Partners
h. 12.15An overview of the available remedies against infringements in Italy: civil, criminal and custom protection
Dario Paschetta, Studio Frignani
h. 12.45Q&A Session
h. 14.00Anti-counterfeiting measures, customs control & parallel import in Russia and in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union
Evgeny Alexandrov, Gorodissky & Partners ( Russia)
Svetlana Koroleva, LexPatent (Belarus)
Yuri Bolotov, Bolotov &Partners (Kazakhstan)
h. 14.45From brand protection to IPR protection: tackling online counterfeits in the fashion industry through the enforcement of the whole IP Portfolio
Michele Provera, Convey

  • Internet Service Providers, Hosting Providers and the limits of the traditional approach
  • How fakers juggle with IP to elude «brand protection»;
  • Advanced crawling techniques, internet intelligence and IP expertise;
  • Samples of successful takedowns
h. 15.15Technology in Fashion
Francesco Pieri, Temera
h. 15.45Coffee break
h. 16.15From the Design Services Agreements to the Trademark and Design License Agreements
Mattia Dalla Costa, CBA Studio Legale e Tributario
Sergey Medvedev, Gorodissky & Partners

  • Design services and consultancy agreement
  • Trademark license and consultancy agreement
  • Trademark and design license
  • Exclusive supply agreement to the Maison
h. 17.15International view on fashion brand protection
Cecile Delaitre and Frédéric Glaize, Cabinet Plasseraud (France)
Sergio Rizzo, Abogados Daudén (Spain)
Patrizia Renna, CBA Studio Legale e Tributario (Germany)
h. 18.00Q&A session and closing remarks

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The event is recognized by the Italian Association of Industrial Property Consultant and by the Lawyers Institute of Milan.

  • Italian IP Consultants taking part to the event will receive n. 5 credits relating to patents and/or trademarks
  • Italian Attorney-at-law taking part to the event will receive n.4 credits