Metroconsult is a consulting firm specializing in Intellectual Property services, including patents, trademarks, domain names, design, copyright, and software. Our mission is to assist our clients in protecting and maximizing the value of their ideas and creativity throughout the world.

Founded in 1987 by Mr. Roberto Dini, the company is today made up of a qualified team of professionals, including engineers and lawyers registered before the Italian and European Intellectual Property Office, who, with tenacity and enthusiasm develop customized protection programs depending on the specific needs of each individual client;  tailor-made services based on the cornerstones of professionalism, confidentiality and availability.

Intellectual Property has become in recent years an important tool to increase competitiveness, business and financing opportunities for companies. In this perspective, the daily activities of Metroconsult’s professionals focus on developing protection programs tailored to a company’s specific requirements. We have established a value policy in which patent filing or trademark registration activities are not just considered as additional  expenses, but as an investment in the future to foster business growth and development.

A winning business idea can be considered a success only if it generates a competitive advantage or a profit and if it is made unassailable thanks to the correct application of all the tools offered by national and international IP laws, such as the Intellectual Property Code. For this reason, Metroconsult carries out fundamental activities of support with the purpose of ensuring ongoing success to those who invent or express their creativity.

Metroconsult’s team works with its clients to ensure that patent, trademark or design applications are filed and prosecuted in the best possible way and, once granted, provide an effective period of protection and an opportunity for economic return for the owner. A team composed of a trademark and/or patent attorney and a paralegal is involved in each project; this facilitates customer relations, maximizes efficiency and allows a greater understanding of the client’s activities, thanks also to the support of one of the leading IP case management software, which on request allow to share information with the client on the status of his IP rights. In addition to this, a network of consolidated international partners allows Metroconsult’s offices located in Turin, Milan and Genoa to provide a global service by interacting with leading IP consultancy firms present throughout the world.