Metroconsult s.r.l. is pleased to announce a significant change in its corporate governance with the appointment of Matteo Baroni and Marco Camolese as new Chief Executive Officers.

This appointment represents the culmination of a careful succession planning process aimed at ensuring continuity and stability in the company’s leadership. The outgoing President and CEO, Felice Fulvio Faraci, will retain the position of President for the next three years, providing support and operational continuity to the newly appointed CEOs.

Matteo Baroni and Marco Camolese bring proven experience and a solid reputation in the field of Intellectual Property. Together, they will bring strategic vision and dynamic leadership to Metroconsult, positioning the company for a future of growth and success.

I am excited to take on this new role alongside Marco,” said Matteo Baroni. “Metroconsult has a long history of innovation and excellence, and we are eager to work with the entire team to take the company to new heights.

I share Matteo’s enthusiasm for this new challenge,” added Marco Camolese. “We are confident that by combining our strengths and expertise, we can lead Metroconsult towards an even brighter future.

The Board of Directors of Metroconsult has expressed its full confidence in Matteo Baroni and Marco Camolese, highlighting their proven experience and commitment to the company’s success.

We are certain that Matteo and Marco will lead Metroconsult towards a future of growth and prosperity,” said President Fulvio Faraci. “Their experience, competence, vision, and leadership will be invaluable to the company and all its stakeholders. I am confident that this carefully planned transition will further strengthen Metroconsult’s position as a leader in the sector and lead to new successes in the years to come.

This change marks a new chapter for Metroconsult,” said Roberto Dini, Founder of Metroconsult. “I am convinced that the appointment of Matteo Baroni and Marco Camolese as new CEOs will bring immense value to the company and all its stakeholders, thanks to their proven experience and professionalism. I would also like to express my gratitude to Fulvio Faraci for his dedication and commitment as President and CEO in recent years. Under his leadership, Metroconsult has achieved remarkable milestones and established itself as a leader in the Intellectual Property sector.”