Let’s get to know better the Metroconsult’s professionals. Who are they? What part of being a patent/trademark attorney or a formality officer they prefer? And above all, some suggestions on how to protect Intellectual Property, highlighting the best practices and avoiding the most common mistakes.


Mirco Bianco

Patent attorney at Metroconsult

“…when you have to draft a patent application relating to Computer Implemented Invention, it is crucial to recognize the technical problem that the invention solves. Technical problems are different from business problems, as technical problems are usually solved by engineers or researchers working in the industry or in R&D centers and deserve patent protection, while business problems are solved by managers and are not patentable.”

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Marco Camolese

Director Turin Office

“…my favorite part of being a patent attorney is certainly dealing with the EPO during the oral proceedings. It always makes me feel as if I’m taking a university exam. There are three examiners in front of you that are strongly passionate and ask you unexpected questions, so you must be well-prepared and have solid arguments to discuss with them. It’s really challenging.”

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Carmela Rotundo

Trademark and Design Attorney

“…IP consulting is not only filing trademarks and designs, but it is listening carefully to clients to find the best solution to their needs. This is very appreciated by clients and ends in creating a long-term relationship based on trust and confidence.”

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Monica Serrau

Formality Officer at Metroconsult

“…my job profile could be described as IP administrator. I manage various types of filings and prosecutions from all around the world. I switch from European to US patent applications, maintaining patents, preparing estimates, renewing trademarks and designs. So it’s not boring and not the same thing every day!”

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These interviews have been done by Emil Abseher, Helena Ehrlich, Lise Emanuelle Geahchan, Elsa Laziamond, and Jakob Roeckl  – Bachelor students at the ESCP Business School – as part of their Collective Project 2022/2023.