November 22, 2016

Metroconsult in co-operation with the Russian IP firm Gorodissky organizes a conference focusing on “Intellectual Property in Fashion” (IP in Fashion).

Supported by the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the event aims at comparing the Italian/EU and Russian IP systems in the fashion industry. It will focus also on online counterfeiting, customs control & parallel imports and on an overview of the peculiarities of the different license agreements. The conference will end with an international roundtable on fashion brand and design protection in France, Spain and Germany.

Moderator: Francesco Cerisano, legal reporter, Class Editori



  • Welcome and opening remarks


  • New scenarios in the Russian Fashion Market after the political crisis, the entry into the WTO and the new non-tariff barriers
    Luisella Lovecchio, IC&Partners·




  • An overview of the available remedies against infringements in Italy: civil, criminal and custom protection

Dario Paschetta, Studio Frignani



  • From brand protection to IPR protection: tackling online counterfeits in the fashion industry through the enforcement of the whole IP Portfolio

Michele Provera, Convey


  • Technology in Fashion
    Arcangelo D’Onofrio, Temera




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