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Patents and Utility Models

Metroconsult protects its clients' inventions through patent and utility model registration. The company performs prior art searches and files for protection of its clients' IP rights at both the national and international levels.

Trademarks, Design, Domain Names

Corporate identity requires effective and continuous protection. Metroconsult assists its clients from preliminary availability searches to the completion of filings and through to registration.


Metroconsult provides protection for published and unpublished literary, musical and artistic works, and for creative design products.


Metroconsult has significant experience protecting software through copyright law and software patents.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Metroconsult conducts research on topics of interest to the client and can focus the scope of such research broadly on entire industries or more narrowly on innovative areas and patent activity of specific competitors.

Market Surveillance

In collaboration with its clients, Metroconsult monitors national and international markets to prevent counterfeiting and protect its clients' IP rights.

Legal Consultancy

Metroconsult assists its clients in enforcing their IP rights by managing legal actions for infringement and counterfeiting, including requests for preliminary injunctions and customs seizures.

IP Valuation

Metroconsult provides IP Valuation services to facilitate an economic return for its clients by helping them to better understand the value of their intangible assets and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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