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Metroconsult at IP Service World

Munich (Germany), 26th and 27th November 2018

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Turin, Milan, Genoa  -  27th June 2018– Metroconsult is pleased to announce the appointment of Felice Fulvio Faraci as its new President & CEO.

Felice Fulvio Faraci has a background in technology and innovation management. He obtained a degree in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin.  Before joining Metroconsult, Mr. Faraci was CEO of Sisvel Technology, a company focused on the technological aspects of licensing and IP transactions, part of the Sisvel Group, a world leader in maximizing the value of Intellectual Property Rights. In his professional career, he held managerial positions in the field of innovation; in particular, he was Director of Open Innovation and Research at the Telecom Italia laboratories, identifying emerging technologies, developing innovative solutions and promoting open innovation networks in close collaboration with Research Centers, Universities, Industries and Start-Up.

It is a great honor to receive this appointment" said Mr. Faraci. "This is for me a new and exciting professional experience in the field of technology and innovation protection. My goal will be to strengthen the leadership that Metroconsult has created in over 30 years of success thanks to a skilled and motivated team of Intellectual Property professionals. The central role of innovation is the real competitive driver of the global market and our aim is, and will be, to promote the protection of innovation through an ad hoc protection of our clients’ creativity. Metroconsult’s slogan is: “Defending creativity with tailored protection"

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